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“you got what i want, i got what you need.. how much for your soul”


i have traveled here..
not to heaven, no not this time it seems as if god himself has blocked my wishes
so i am traveling to the land of demons
to ask for reincarnation… in this life after
sounds silly right?
im here on a limb, my last, and its buckling
nothing to lose, ive already lost whats mattered to me
my spirit has pack up and left me…
why are you here?
i answer with fear, tears and hope
i heard you give happiness in return of souls
and all i want is her
no bullshit, just her
see you got what i want and i got what you feed off
so it sounds to me like a easy trade off
he stands over me and smiles
you know me well my soon to be child
your soul will be forever mine
are you sure you want this
even if in the afterlife, with your destination is in spite
i could place your soul in a mole
and allow you to dig a hold deep enough to bury your wishes
and i reply as long as she is ground then fulfill my spot in the earth and allow me to repent my conditions
because as of now to lose? is nothing because ive lost my world
which is the reason im here
so listen clear!
you, satan,
you got what i want…. i was told you trade souls for happiness
well im giving mines to you so i can get my one last wish.. and thats to be with
her, forever

Jay G