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i wrote this while sitting
indian style here on cloud nine
i saw apollon shoot through the sky
it made me think of you
and how i
miss you.. there is not enough time in a day
for me to explain how much
but this is a snippet, simply a sample
of my version of roses
and how they can be red.. and beautiful
next to a dozen of violets
may this poem reach you, whether its your spirit
or your eyes, for your eyes are the doorway to your forever
i want to explore your forever… your soul
i can do that for an eternity
i want to travel to a wonderland
follow you in the fields of purple bliss
while the rain drips from purple clouds
its moments like this i begin to forget about everything, one, and body
everybody but the one i love
its true
i love everything about you
from your mind to your fingertips
from your eyelashes to your hips
from your synapse to the things within yourself you are not secure with
i place my lips upon your skin to heal your wounds
i kiss your scars slow so you can understand i love everything about you
i wrote this while sitting indian style on cloud nine
with you on my mind
and with time frozen in a blissful love

Jay G