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there was a ballad being composed
composed by the souls of the weakened, the vulnerable
these misunderstood hearts that played the game of love
were the same ones that ended up being torn apart
silent hopes still linger in there minds
they urn for the emotion, finding devotion in the wrong people
so they lay down, and release only for a hit of loves feeling
but when the moment is over
can that loneliness console you
can that 10 minutes turn into love in an instant
you add verses to the ballad,
your soul is becoming weaker
your spirit is vulnerable
so much of what you feel is correct is only misunderstood
your heart is playing russian roulette with a fully loaded pistol
pull the trigger and you could be a casualty
just another soul added to this ballad that is being composed
composed by the ones who like you
died in the name of love

Jay G