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this is a ode to a woman
i call pretty eyes
my long legged cutie pie
this here is for you, it hasnt been that long since i wrote you
i do almost everyday
and i see you just as much and you still take my breath away
i had a dream of you becoming my wife
it felt so right
you walking in that blueish green wedding dress that fits tight
this is to a woman
who i call my jasmine flower,
my bundle of beauty with the power to create explosions on sight
she blooms in the same fields
that the lotus flower ignites
so when we combine our souls take flight
past cloud nine and oblivion
our love be on venus
saturn sometimes in another universe, type shit
this is to you baby
not just with love but with doves
i just opened a cage and let them fly showcasing how much i love
this is a ode to my pretty eyes
just letting the world know my love for you….

Jay G