this is a small exerpt from a entity that was frozen in a time where she couldnt free her emotions in time
she writes on the walls of her cell walls
i wonder if
when lonely do you need me
if when the thought of love crosses do you miss me
i wonder when you read poetry in the back of your mind
if you can recant the one about me line after line
i called upon the angels in this space
to deliver this
a signed sealed letter
that was carefully put together
that reads
just incase
you were still wondering
wondering if i think about you
or find myself missing you, or
when i write these words if any are about you
praise to the goddess above, she knows i do
think about you… her creation
so when i write i grip my pen harder
until my blood mixes with the ink
i wonder if you saw my hand print in the sky
i wonder if you felt my presence in the wind
did you become high?
did you see me
even though it was a dream
did you see me?
i woke up to the smell of your scent
only to notice i was alone
i wonder though
did you feel my lips on your forehead?

Jay G