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Because your the one, its your time led them all back to one

-Janelle Monae

i could hear Hera say
my sisters heart is in the process of purging pain
and on this night
the streets of utopia will become flooded
flooded by the overcast of venus’s storms, of strain
the skies fill with clouds black as a starless space
overwhelmed by the scenery my heart begins to race
i think of my love,
and how she makes my minute hand become still, in pace
how no matter what
she’s still the only one who, i want to hold in that secret place
though she’s expierenced pain from the hands of my spirit
i can only hope she wants me to accompany her
thunder sounds the universe
red lighting bolts, blast through the skies, creating
images of aphrodite smashing glass with her fist
i pray quoting the book of cupid, psalms 57821
“sir greendown tells his cindy, i will show you the ways that i love you, i saved you so youll save the world”
hearing that.. i know we can make it through this storm
for true love will save us
it can take
5 years
7 months
8 days,
2 hours
1 thing that will still hold true is my love for you
lavender rain drops, drip from the magenta colored clouds
the wind creates a thickness in the air
as trees begin to uproot, i feel aching in my soul, the same feeling of when i almost lost you
its almost as if she wants me to feel what she feels
the purge of broken souls and raged minds
cracked hearts, balancing on crooked lines
the streets disappear, underneath the rain
i nolonger know pain… maybe because i’ve seen.. felt, to much pain
this purge happens once every 30000 years
and washes away down venus’s storm drain

Jay G