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this is..
what it sounds like when the revolver is
in the hand of some one who has lost there mind
the sound of a clock that is missing the minute hand, connected to a bomb
that is attached to the body of human
this is the sound of the depressed mind that popped a few
only to try to subdue the pain… took a shot of liquor and watched the surroundings go dark as there heart dropped
this is the cry that the sirens sing in hell right before satan rings the dinner bell
this is a mental breach
flashbangs of fuck yous
enter the room
shells from the spirit of the defeated
enters and takes your soul
i guess we all lose one way or another
its too early in this lifetime to conform to the lost
its never too late to love
to be forever,
its okay to walk blind
if you follow your heart
but if your heart is blindfolded too
then you lose..
Breach.. i was told to ask god for forgiveness
why when im going to hell anyway
god breached my mind along time ago
and sentenced me to damnation, so forgiveness is basically like begging the sun for water,
or the weak for strength
or a sinner for faith
venus knows im trying to keep faith
but she looks down upon me with her arms crossed
breached, the limit is reach
the trigger is pulled… purgatory awaits my skin, awaits my mind
we know how this ends..
some survive… for others there is only a matter of time

Jay G