There only 2 people I want to see 
When I reach the gates of heaven.. 
After I touch there fingertips again 
That’s when I can be judged for my sins 
Only then 
Can I be.. 
I can feel them looking over me 
I hope I haven’t disappointed one for my actions up until this point 
The only figure I’ve known.. I strive to live in your image 
Sweet images collect in my iris 
They think I was to young to remember 
That was the coldest day in December… 
we were supposed to go see Santa Claus.. I guess that’s why 
I get that feeling of my stomach sinking when I see him… 
They say I got your temper
Hot headed  at times … Maybe that’s why me and your brother hardly talk anymore
Only once in awhile
I can hear you… Chin up Jay get it together
I swear I’m trying 
I swear i’m working on my anger 
It’s hard sometimes
To separate the hurt from what really matters 
They get merged at times 
But I know at the end of my rain storm
Your the reason my sun shines

Jay G