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red… red light. red light turns to blue, now im loving you

-Luke james

the heart is a gentle muscle
it holds our secrets, feelings.. it consumes our emotions
our devotions
i recently obtained this blood colored light bulb
it shines over looking this chaotic scenery
this room
missing you, your love, our flame
now im attempting to relight the candles
i placed gasoline, oil anything flamable, around the spaces
hoping that it would catch a spark
lighter flicks
tears fall.. afraid that ive lost
lost you, trying not to be the status quo, can’t change the past though
only can ask for forgiveness
in hopes that forever isnt far from where we stand
red light
caressing your soul
without settling for the mo’ betta
because you make me,
mo’ betta
i hope i make you the same
love hurts, sorry doesnt justify pain
it never will
but we have to start some where.. right
through words we fight.. hash it
not understanding the stress it causes on the muscle
which enables our secrets and emotions to fill up
and build up a energy.. bad taboo?
love is the most passionate emotion we as humans will ever endure
excuse the darkness… my light bulb has blew
but even in the dark you can still find my love… for you

Jay G