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i guess purchasing that lasso
was.. not enough
did you see that i caught third degree burns on my finger tips
from traveling to the center of the earth..
my scars dont matter though, i understand that
i see your scars everytime i watch you cry
i.. am trying to love you
gaurds wont let me in the room where i once laid my head
i just want to caress you without stressing you
i dont write poetry just to woo you
i do it because i, mean these confessions..
excuse me for the slurring
ive been indulging in my alcoholic obessions
its in this state i understand that wishes ive been asking
will not come to me..
hard pill to consume
not as hard as this cup of clear sin, but
it doesnt surpress the sins ive created
you have reason to feel jaded
but im trying to fix
these flawful moments.. im trying
to fix your broken spirit with staples created with hope
i hope you love me.. the same
i hope you still tremble from the touch of my hands
i hope you still percipitate, when i walk through your rain forrest
i hope utopia, hasnt banned me and my soul
and has damned me to these winds of unloved words …
a trail of misguided connections..
i hope the key to my tomb is still held by you…

Jay G