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ask yourself a question have you ever had a session of love making do you want me, have you ever been to heaven

                -Raheem DeVaughn


im aware that love is a unspoken feeling
but the emotion fills my veins like herione from a needle
im fiegning for you
in need of you
raheem devaughn says it best
“believe me, i aint like most men”
i claim you as more than my woman,
you are the queen
of this throne, of my heart
of thy soul
the fuck i look like letting you go
i am in love with you
and you will always have the key to my spirit
the password to heart
the muse to generate the thoughts, of what’s being written
because im aware of this feeling.. now ask yourself a question have you been to heaven
answer yes
and come aboard my vessel… of love

-Jay G