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last night at midnight i was robbed….
fuck sallie mae
robbing my pockets, sticking me up
ill trade you six grand for a bachelors degree
even though
in this society you’re basically stuck
i pay for my degree,
because im not 6’3 and can’t slam a ball through a hoop
some of these athletes pay me to edit their papers,
so they can get these a’s
and here i am sitting pissed off emailing financial aid
and they say ” do you know about sallie mae”
yea tell her i said i called… no reply
last night at midnight i was robbed
all i was trying to do is get an education that’s all
i just want to be a proctor
a lawyer or a doctor
wake up one day to check my account and hear
mr. gray you have a million dollars
but hey we dream
we lay we pray
for that day, that we can get a higher education without being robbed by sallie mae

Jay G